The bracelets of ZarAGORA

Do you want to check how is going to look your wrist during the Agora? Designed by Jonathan Del Castillo, here we have the ZarAGORA bracelets. They are going to be your loyal company and your guarantee to access the Agora place and the parties.

There are 3 models: red for delegates, blue for visitors and white for envoys and observers.


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Important announcement!

Rules and forbidden behaviours

The ZarAGORA is now really close and we would like to make some statements. When you do the check-in at your arrival, you will sign a disclaimer to indicate your agreement with these rules.

  • STICKERS ARE ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN. We will take severe actions against whoever who does not observe this rule. We will try to provide the Agora with boards or large papers properly delimited where you can show how proud you are of your antenna by putting stickers.
  • It is ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN to drink alcohol in the Agora place (Palacio de Congresos and the close nearby). ALSO DURING THE OPENING CEREMONY, when we will REGISTER everybody before getting inside the Ceremony Hall. We will CONFISCATE alcoholic drinks if we see people drinking inside the Agora place WITHOUT po...
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More merchandising

Our dear designer Jonathan Del Castillo present the ZarAGORA T-Shirts and the ZarAGORA cups!!!
Each participant will get one FREE cup. And you will have the chance to buy the ZarAGORA participant T-Shirt!

merchandising_zaragora_cups merchandising_zaragora_tshirt
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New items in “What to bring” list!

Our friends of the Study Fair and the Cultural WG are preparing something special for the AEGEE Study Fair in ZarAGORA. Check again the “What to bring” list if you want to know what!!


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ZarAGORA. ¿When and where?

Torre del Agua

As most of you already know for sure, next Autumn Agora 2013 will take place in Zaragoza (Spain).


From 30th October to 3rd November 2013.

Where exactly?

By the moment, we have almost closed an agreement with one of the best places in Zaragoza to host big events like our plenaries and all the “meetings daily life” during the agora. We are talking about “Palacio de Congresos Expo Aragón” (Palace of Conventions) and is located right in the Expo Zaragoza 200...

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What is an Agora?


Agora”, coming from the Greek word “αγορά”, stands for marketplace. However the word originates from an ancient Greek verb (“αγeipw”) which means “to assembly”. In ancient Greek cities, an Agora was an open space serving as an assembly area,

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ZarAGORA web. The journey begins!

Hello everybody!

The official website of the Fall Agora Zaragoza 2013 is finally working. The AEGEE-Zaragoza team would like to very welcome you and invite you to follow all our news closely. We will flood Europe with our enthusiasm very soon!

You can check out our contact information if there is something you want to tell us.

Looking forward for our big meeting in our beloved city!

AEGEE-Zaragoza team.

Most of the actual team of AEGEE-Zaragoza during our last Local Training Course in Borja (Zaragoza)

Most of the actual team of AEGEE-Zaragoza during our last Local Training Course in Borja (Zaragoza)

Written and translated to English by Javier Aguerri

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